Garment Racks

Different kinds of Single and Double Garment Racks, Stack-Rack with Crossbar, Cover Kit, Combo ( Rack & Cover) and etc. are available in 123 Laundry Shop. 123 Laundry Shop offers different kinds of Commercial Laundry Equipment Parts.


If you operate a hotel, motel, resort, or spa, a clothing rack is an essential item to have available for guests. Use these items to neatly transport your patrons’ jackets, suits, dresses, and other clothing items to their guest rooms. Select models of commercial garment racks even have dividers and shelves that can be used to deliver food, dinnerware, robes, and other room service supplies.


Each garment rack we carry features a durable chrome construction that ensures your product is sturdy enough to last for years of use. Also, since every clothing rack has casters that are small in diameter, they enable easier maneuvering around tight corners and through narrow hallways. As an added bonus, these commercial garment racks and clothing racks have high weight capacities, allowing them to carry a large party’s belongings.


By using a clothes rack in your establishment, your customers will be able to hang their clothes up for transport, which prevents their belongings from wrinkling. Also, these commercial garment racks make it easier for your employees to handle clothing while doing laundry. Set these products out in your main lobby for guests or your bellman to conveniently use. Or, keep them in a storage closet to hold your employees’ winter coats, purses, bags, or uniforms. For other great products to have in your hotel, motel, or resort, check out our hotel sheets, hotel towels, and room service trays.


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