Spring Platforms for Vinyl Basket Trucks

Different kinds of Spring Platforms for Vinyl Basket Trucks are available in 123 Laundry Shop. 123 Laundry Shop offers different kinds of Commercial Laundry Equipment Parts.

These kits contain the necessary parts for installing a spring-lift platform in compatible cube and basket trucks. They have four springs that clip onto the sides of the trucks and attach to a vinyl-covered wire platform which serves as the floor of the truck. The springs allow the platform to lower as items are loaded into the truck, and they lift the platform as items are removed from it. This brings items at the bottom of the truck closer to the top as it is unloaded, which helps reduce bending and straining when accessing those items. The kits are for use with specific models of cube and basket trucks, and they are used in laundry operations, manufacturing facilities, and package-handling applications.

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