Fiberglass Individual Seating

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Fiberglass is a fascinatingly beautiful, durable, and sustainable material that has been touted as the lumber of the future. Its vibrant aesthetics, versatility and beguiling tactility have bestowed upon the material a sort of casual but hardy connoisseurship that endures.

Fiberglass is lightweight, extremely robust, low-maintenance, UV-resistant, nonporous, and chemically inert, which means that it will not react with other substances that it comes into contact with. The strength properties of fiberglass actually surpass that of heavier steel. It also holds its shape and color over its lifetime and has excellent impact and scratch resistance. Little wonder then that it is a favorite material for furniture. Fiberglass has a very comfortable finish and also takes on even more depth as it wears in, showing more complexity as compared to other plastics that merely look hazed and dull over time and scratches. Cleaning fiberglass chairs is as easy as wiping them down.

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