Laminate Accessories Tables and Shelves

Is your office lacking style and warmth? 123 Laundry Shop has a wide selection of new laminate accessories to choose from. In addition to have beautiful, functional office furniture, side tables, stools, and and bookshelves are excellent statement pieces to make your office place feel lived in and welcoming. At 123 Laundry Shop, we offer a variety of laminate accessories including:

  • Full Length Racks - TR4 

  • Full Length Racks - TF5

  • Full Length Racks - TF6

  • TFL Backstops (for 4' tables) - TFL B 4

  • TFL Backstops (for 5' tables) - TFL B 5

  • TFL Backstops (for 6' tables) - TFL B 6

  • TFL Upper Shelves - 4' Shelf

  • TFL Upper Shelves - 5' Shelf

  • TFL Upper Shelves - 6' Shelf

  • TR Hanging Hooks - TR-2L

New laminate accessories add style, function, and productivity to your office. At 123 Laundry Shop, we are here to help you every step of the way!

If you are searching for durable, quality office desks, contact 123 Laundry Shop today.

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